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I’m constantly being asked about muy favorite food around Mexico City, and for a person like me who’s job is literally eating, it can be really hard to pick just a few places. 


I decided to come up a list with some of my favourite spots, doesn’t matter if they’re high end or street stalls, these are the places where I enjoy food the most and I’m sure if you follow my Instagram you’ve seen me eating in at least a couple of them. 


The plan is I’ll keep updating the list as Mexico City’s food scene is an ever evolving entity and restaurants open and close ever other minute.



Casual Eating

  • Restaurante Sofia (a.k.a. No Name Place): Such a modest place with great food! The itacate is the perfect start of the meal and the octopus is always grilled to perfection. They also hace Mexican craft beer, wine and amazing Mezcales. 
  • El Vilsito: Still and forever my favorite Taco al Pastor in the whole city.
  • El Moro: The first churro place in Mexico and in my opinion still the best one. Even though there’s more locations this is still my favorite one. Their freshly made churros and their Consuelos are out of this world (a churro sandwich stuffed with ice cream).
  • El K-Guamo: Either if you go to the street stall or any of their 3 sit-down places their tostadas and pescadillas are simple but good and fresh!
  • Ceci La Cecina: Not in the touristy area of the city, but well worth the trip. Their huaraches and chilaquiles with cecina are amazing.
  • El Hidalguense: Barbacoa join only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is a perfect cure for a really bad hangover. Their pulque is also one of the freshest I’ve tried in the city. Read more about them in this old post.
  • Salón Ríos: A modern Cantina with great food an amazing prices. The duck Tacos de Canasta are great and the chamorro (calf) has such tender meat it falls off the bone basically just by looking at it and the octopus Salbutes (a puffed fried tortilla) are on point!

Get your drink on!

  • Licorería Limantour: Yes, it’s one of the easiest places to find since they’re in the Top 50 best bars in the world, but this is still my favorite spot to get a quick drink.
  • Xaman Bar: The whole concept will make you feel like you’re entering a world of mysticism and magic. The drinks are also made with ingredients sucha as roots, flowers and other great spices.
  • Trappist: A tiny but lovely spot in Condesa with lots of great bottles of Mexican craft beer. They never have the same selection, so talk to the bartender and let them bring something specially picked for you. 
  • Palenquito: The venue itself is cool, they took a stone mill and made it into a table. They have great Mezcales mostly from Oaxaca, but please ask them about the specials, since they always have off-menu items that will make you want to come back. 
  • Tasting Room: If you prefer beer on tap, this is the place, they always have a mix of Mexican and  



Fine Dining

  • Máximo Bistrot: By far my favorite fancy eat in the city, my favorite chef with the best, seasonal, locally sourced food. The love and care Eduardo García puts into every dish is completely noticeable.
  • Rosetta: Given it’s Italian and Mexican fusion, but still an amazing addition to the list. Service is outstanding, food is on point and her bread will always be a sure bet.
  • Sartoria: The best Italian food I’ve had in the city, ingredients are top quality and every single bite is a treat!
  • Amaya: Natural wines and great food in the up and coming Juarez neighborhood. 



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Breakfast Spots

  • Lalo!: It’s even included in one of my Eatineraries and has it own blog post. Definitely their concha and chilaquiles are on my top.
  • Fonda Margarita: Old school spot, with different dishes every day (except on Mondays when they’re closed) Get the huevos tirados, which are scrambled eggs mixed with refried beans, cooked with lard and in a wood oven. 
  • Café Nin: The enhanced version of Rosetta bakery with more food selections but the same delicious guava pastry. 
  • Costra: A bit farther away from the hip areas but their pastries, cookies and baguettes make me feel like I’m home. Read more about them here.




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Coffee joints

  • Buna: A Small spot in Roma that focuses on Mexican coffee beans and sometimes chocolate.
  • Almanegra: A place with an amazing nitro cold brew.



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You can just grab this map and send it to your phone and feel like I’m next to you giving you my recommendations while you explore the City.  Just click on the little star on the Top left when using your cellphone and you’ll have the map with you. 


If you decide to visit one (or more) of the spots I wanna hear how it went!


By the way guys, thank you so much for you support I recently just got this badge and could not happen if it wasn’t for you!


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  1. Hola Anais,
    Mi hermano y yo vamos a estar en México (CDMX y Oaxaca) en unas semanas. Te sigo en Instagram, y acabo de entrar a tu sitio y me encanta! Voy a usar esta lista cuando vayamos ya que siempre estoy buscando nuevos lugares donde comer. Muchas gracias!!! (Por cierto, intenté inscribirme a tu newsletter pero me está dando un error…algunas ideas???) Gracias de nuevo!

    • Anais M
    • June 25, 2018

    Hola Nicole!!
    Me da gusto que te sirva la lista!
    Espero me hagas saber tus comentarios cuando visites los lugares 🙂
    En una de esas nos podemos ver y visitar alguno juntas.

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