Dia De Muertos 2019

Day of the dead ceremonial dinner & Sundown market exploration.

This is one of Mexico’s most known traditions (definitely my favorite one!).
We want to celebrate it with you with a special dinner and a collaborative monumental Day of the dead altar.

  • We’ll have a great welcome cocktail made with exotic Mexican chilies or some hot Mexican chocolate with pan de muerto.
  • We’ll have a special chocolate bar specially made for us by one of the best Chocolate makers in the country along with a surprise goodie bag.
  • We’ll visit the flower market in the evening where we’ll be surrounded by the great smell of marigolds, and we’ll learn about the symbolic elements of this ancient tradition such as candles, incense, tissue paper and the amazing Day of the Dead bread.
  • We’ll have a very special 4 course dinner involving traditional foods prepared for the Day of the dead altar and cooked by special chefs.
  • We’ll learn and sip on artisanal mezcal from a Mezcal connoisseur’s own private stash.
  • You’ll get to contribute to the Day of the dead altar with your own picture of your beloved ones who already passed.
  • But mostly we’ll get to know much more about one of the most beautiful Mexican traditions, while we honour our passed relatives and remember them with love.

New date: November 1st!

Start time: 7:00PM

Duration: 4-4.5 hrs

Price: $150usd per person

Want to book now?! Here is the calendar!
Or if you want to know more please send me an email!

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