Chocolate_agua_03 Chocolate de metate

Chocolate is always a good idea!

And if it’s Oaxacan Chocolate way better.

Today the weather here made me crave a nice thick Chocolate drink and since I already had some Artisanal chocolate from Oaxaca and some Pan de yema (egg yolk bread) it was just logic for me to try it out.

If you know me or have been on tour with me you know I’m utterly in love with Oaxaca, I keep saying the have the best food (I mean 8 different kinds of mole just from one state? Come on!) best mezcal, best chocolate, best coffee, they eat grasshoppers, they have tejate… And I could keep going on and on.

If you are lucky enough to have some of this ingredients just laying around in your kitchen you should definitely try this recipe out and feel Oaxaca closer to you.