A day with Yolcan and Xochimilco boats

Xochimilco is best known by tourists for its colorful gondola-like boats, micheladas, mariachis and partying, but this UNESCO world heritage site has been witness of the ancestral farming method called: Chinampa 
Since 2011 the non-profit Yolcan has been focusing on working with local farming families to recover the land and use for growing seasonal, organic produce. Combining ancient techniques with the newest farming innovations that not only give excelent produce, but it’s also improving the life if the land as well as the families involved in the project.
The ingredients coming from here are such high quality, they’re even used in world class restaurants in Mexico City like Pujol, Quintonil, Maximo Bistrot, Los Danzantes, among others. 
This very special outing is offered in conjunction with our partners Yolcan, gives you an deeper look at this exceptional project.




What we’ll do

Will pick you up at 9:00am in a centric place in Roma where we’ll get coffee and a snack to go. 


We’ll get to Xochimilco at around 10:00am where we’ll find Yolcan’s special green boat and we’ll head over to La chinampa del Sol (Yolcan’s land).


Yuls Suarez will cook a delicious 4 course meal at the spot with seasonal, fresh ingredients harvested a few steps away.  


We’ll have artisanal mezcal and craft beer on our way back to the pier and we’ll drop you off back at Roma. 




April 20th and May 4th

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Here’s a little video the talented Krista Simmons made on her last visit, just so you fall in love with the sights and reserve your spot now!