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Breakfast time in Mexico

Some Mexican iconic dishes we like to wake up to

Guava Roll by Rosetta

Favorite Spots 2018

My favorite spots in Mexico City early 2018


Day of the dead Altar

My favorite Holiday in Mexico: Dia de Muertos



Tlacoyo: a stuffed, oval shaped patty made with corn masa.

A day in Narvarte

A day in Narvarte

A walking tour around Narvarte with all my favorite spots.


NPR on Mexico’s Diabetes Epidemic

An NPR investigation of Mexico’s Diabetes Epidemic


Atla – NYC

Great way to kill time in NYC


Costra – Narvarte

Some of the best Conchas in Mexico City


Eater, suadero tacos & pyramids

Suadero tacos and a filming crew

Salsa roja, Salsa verde

Red salsa vs Green salsa

If you’ve ever been to Mexico you probably bumped into an immense variety of salsas, they come in so many different colours, textures, densities…

The Curious Mexican
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