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book_eggEgg Salad Toast

Few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend to a conference about food in New York. It was the coldest weekend of the whole winter season, which resulted in me trying roaming around the streets looking for the next cozy place to stop myself from freezing to death.


And just like everything, this had its goods, I went inside lots of tiny stores, among them a place called Fishs Eddy where I (finally) bought the book I0ve been meaning to buy for a long time: The perfect Egg by Terri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park. Who have been an inspiration for me ever since I bumped into their beautiful blog Spoon Fork Bacon.

The book is filled with beautiful pictures and delicious recipes. I know it may sound boring, a book about eggs! But if you look into it, you’ll find so many different kinds of recipes like Parmesan popcorn puffs, Caesar Salad, Ravioli, etc. By the end of it you don’t even remember that it all revolves around the many different uses of eggs.

The first recipe I felt like trying was the egg salad sandwich, but of course I had to add a Mexican twist to it so I tried adding roasted poblano pepper to the mix and the outcome was pretty good.

Here I leave you the recipe.

Leave a comment if you feel like trying it out.




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