Costra – Narvarte

Everyone knows I’ve a weak spot for pastries (and anything sweet for that matter) so I’m very easily pleased with most baked goods. But that doesn’t take any credit away from what the guys at Costra are doing, which is: completely excel at making all kinds of pastries and pan dulce.

Good atmosphere, good coffee, great pastries, they can all be found in this spot in the Narvarte neighborhood.

Since people are starting to get tired of always having to go to places like Roma & Condesa (and rents are getting more and more expensive) Narvarte’s been going through a change and lots of eateries and interesting foodie options have been popping up in the last few years. From local breweries, to hipster cafes and great restaurants and bakeries.

The Front
The Front

The high quality of the bread in Costra is mainly due to the fact that is all baked every morning with good ingredients and a serious (but not overwhelming) amount of butter, making things like their croissants the closest thing to an actual Parisian pastry that I’ve tried in the city.

Layers of butter and dough, rolled to perfection and topped a slightly crispy crust: Delicious.

But not only that, but their take on traditional Mexican traditional  Conchas is also worth mention.  Nice and spongy and just loaded with flavor. Either if you go for the traditional chocolate or vanilla or if you go for the trendy option, a Matcha Concha.

Service is so kind and welcoming,  it quickly became a favorite between the neighbors and prices range from $14 to $28 pesos a piece.

Definitely worth give Costra a try when in the neighborhood. 




Costra Panadería

Address: Av. Universidad 371-B, Col. Narvarte
+ 52 1 557030 3898
Open from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
Even on Sundays
Follow them on Instagram 




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