Barbacoa at La Hidalguense

In Mexico we have a few dishes that we almost exclusively eat during the weekends and Barbacoa is definitely at the top of the list. 

So what is it you ask? 

It’s usually sheep’s meat, put inside a ground oven, covered in agave leaves and cooked overnight.

You can expect a really tender and smoky meat coming out of the pit. And when I say really tender I mean REALLY tender. I know lots of cultures all over the world use this technique but the fact that you have the meat inside a hand-made blue corn tortilla and the smoky salsa borracha will bring you to life even after the worst hangover of your life.

The salsa Borracha (drunk salsa) is a deep red thick salsa, made with dried chilies and it gets the name because of the pulque they add to it (a fermented agave juice from the pre-hispanic times).

A good place where you can get all of the in la Roma neighborhood is La Hidalguense, a 2 floors restaurant that only opens Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (yes, is that good) and it’s usually really busy so getting there early would be a good idea.

I love the fact that Moy, the owner, is usually right there in the front of the restaurant, making his way through the colorful pulque containers to get the warm Barbacoa straight out of the box and place it in a tortilla. He’s always happy to offer a smile and lots of information about the place and the food, so don’t be afraid to ask away. 

Also, they happened to appear in one of the episodes of Netflix’s Taco Chronicles, it’s THAT good!

Now you know, next time your life becomes difficult because of a long night out, head to Hidalguense. Don’t have to worry about the car since they have Valet Parking.


Also, this spot is included in our amazing Sunday at Lagunilla tour. Join us if you want to spend an amazing day full of the most amazingly delicious food!


Address: Campeche #155, Col. Roma Sur
Price: $380 pesos per person.
Bring cash since they don’t take cards. UPDATE: They now take cards but you have to walk to the cashier. 


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