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Fonda Mayora

Seasonal Dish: Chiles en Nogada

A very baroque, patriotic, intricate and laborious but delicious dish.


Cinco de Mayo Explained

What’s the story behind the margaritas and moustaches filled holiday?


Unusual Mexican foods to try next time you visit Mexico

Atypical dishes people in Mexico are used to having but you might find quirk and interesting.


Breakfast time in Mexico

Some Mexican iconic dishes we like to wake up to


What really is Mole?

Mole, the Mexican dish that gathers many ingredients that are cooked into a sumptuous, rich and delicious sauce

Mexican kings cake

Mexican Kings Day

King’s Day in Mexico

mexican fruit punch

Christmas time in Mexico

Holidays in Mexico


Day of the dead Altar

My favorite Holiday in Mexico: Dia de Muertos



Tlacoyo: a stuffed, oval shaped patty made with corn masa.


NPR on Mexico’s Diabetes Epidemic

An NPR investigation of Mexico’s Diabetes Epidemic

The Curious Mexican
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