Culinary Concierge

Indulge in Mexico’s exquisite cuisine with our Culinary Concierge service. From savoring the finest high-end restaurants to relishing street food delights, we’ll curate an epicurean journey through Mexico City, Oaxaca and beyond.

We’ll guide you to the best places to eat and drink, direct you to incredible tours and classes, help plan your days with self-guided tours, and even assist in obtaining (some) reservations.

We’ll do the research and scouting, to deliver a custom curated culinary itinerary based on your cravings and desires for your time away.

How it works:


Book an exploratory call! We will send you a travel questionnaire in advance of our call to better prepare us for our time together. Then you can choose whether you’d like to get on a 20 minute consultation call, or communicate through a series of emails. We will discuss your preferences, priorities and different levels of pricing dependent on the types of services you require. 


Based in our findings, we’ll curate an unique selection of fun, delicious and outstading dining experiences & meals we know you’ll enjoy.


We will deliver an easy-to-use itinerary before you arrive in your destination, so you can have the culinary adventure of a lifetime in Mexico. 

Ready to indulge? 
 Shoot us an email to

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