A day in Narvarte

A day in Narvarte

Narvarte: A really beautiful residential neighborhood located south of the trendy Colonia Roma. Perfect if you want to get away from crowded restaurants and overpriced meals.


It has its origins in the 1940’s and it’s known for the many green areas and palm trees decorating its streets. And as gentrification happened in the Roma-Condesa area, people started moving here, then interesting businesses began opening and made the neighborhood a fascinating location.


Here’s a list of my favorite spots around a small part of the ‘hood, it’s meant to be within a walkable distance. Some of the places are for morning time and some for late night.


Hope you like it, there’s a map at the end of the post so you can grab it and send it to your phone.




Almanegra Cafe

Let us start with coffee (what else if not). This tiny spot is really popular among friendly locals, willing to start a conversation with complete stranger while sipping on great coffee.

Get a Gibraltar and sit at the bench.
Av. Universidad 420-A,, Col. Narvarte
Av. Universidad 420-A, Col. Narvarte


I’ve already dedicated a whole post to this place.  All pastries are freshly baked every morning so you can come in and immerse yourself in the amazing buttery smell while reading a book and do some people-watching. 

Get a Vanilla or Matcha Concha. 
Costra – Av. Universidad 371-B, Col. Narvarte

Ceci LaCecina

I’m guessing by now your belly needs to be filled with something savory. The red plastic stools and amazing Cecina from Yecapixtla are waiting for you at this spot located right next to the neighborhood market. Careful with the red salsa, it’s made with árbol chilli and it’s pure fire.

Get a huarache with cecina.
Ceci LaCecina - Anaxágoras #635
Ceci LaCecina – Anaxágoras #635 Col. Narvarte

Piloncillo y Cascabel

The other option for a complete meal around the neighborhood. Seasonal products, Mexican and international flavors combined seamlessly made with seasonal products and a great love for food. Mezcal is served but only at request. 


Get the Menu of the day or if you’re there on a Saturday get the vanilla pannacotta. 
Torres Adalis 1400 local 3, Narvarte.
Torres Adalid 1400 local 3, Narvarte.

Cevicheve  Sinaloense

If you’re feeling in need of something a little bit lighter make a (not so) quick stop at this place. Service might be a little slower than what us city dwellers are used to, but it is definitely worth it. 

Get the Prietona beer and a tuna tostada. 
Cevicheve Sinaloense - Heriberto Frías #843, Col. Narvarte
Cevicheve Sinaloense – Heriberto Frías #843, Col. Narvarte

Beer Bros

Must be getting thirsty by now. Up next is a place that quickly became very dear to my heart.  A tiny whole in the wall filled with some of the best beers both imported and nationals. 

They always have different things on tap and a fridge filled with cans & bottles. The bartenders are very friendly more than knowledgable about their products. 


Get whatever the recommendation of the bartender is. 
Luz Saviñon No numner (corner with Juan Sanchez Azcona) - Col. Narvarte
Luz Saviñon No number (corner with Juan Sanchez Azcona) – Col. Narvarte

Bigotes de leche

And for those of us with a sweet tooth,lets finish the day with some ice cream. Bigotes de leche is a very cute, vintage looking, artisanal ice cream shop.

Get a puff: an ice cream filled, warm brioche. 
Diagonal San Antonio #909-A.

Bonus stop: El Vilsito

Ok, so the rest of the spots are places you can easily go to during daytime but for this you’ll have to wait until sometime after 7:00pm.

A car workshop during daytime and a taco place during nighttime. Hands down my favorite Taco al Pastor in the city (that’s a very big statement given that I actually get paid to eat tacos).

Get at least 3 tacos al pastor. Go with Marco, the one working the spit right in the middle he’s the best pastorero. 
Peten 248, Col. Narvarte Poniente
Peten #248, Col. Narvarte Poniente

And here’s your map so you don’t get lost. Enjoy!


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