The Curious Team

Meet The Curious Team

All food tours are lead by true locals with a strong culinary background
They’re all easy going and quite fun to be around! 
But most importantly we all share a deep love for all-things food.
You can think of us as friends who just happen to know a lot about food.




Hidemi Fuziwara
Anais Martinez

She's the creator of The Curious Mexican a.k.a. La Curious

Studied Gastronomy, but prefers to talk about food more than actully making it. 

She's been leading food tours for the last 5 years and loves the scouting, trying and curating part. 

Joe Cervantes

Got a degree in Gastronomy and Culinary arts from Mexico City. He then worked in world-class restaurants such as Pujol, Quay and Narisawa, where he slowly discovered he wanted to dedicate himself to pastries. To follow his dream, he moved to Italy, Colorno where he got a masters degree in pastries (Pasticcere Proffesionista).

There, he worked as a pastry Chef at Le Calandre, where he discovered his pasion for gelato. Nowback in Mexico as a gelataio he owns and runs a JoeGelato, a lace where he creates exotic flavors day to day. 

Sofia Miranda
Paloma Estrada
The Curious Mexican
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