Mis Mezcales

Where to get Mezcal in Mexico City

Best spots to drink and shop for Mezcal

This is Monica Favila‘s first guest post. She’s been leading tours and experiences with me for over a year now and has a keen interest in tea and in mezcal.

Hope you guys enjoy this list!

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Monica: For years, my Father and I would have a full caballito (shot glass) of agave spirit (tequila or mezcal) at noon to toast to a nice break for the day, it was our moment to connect. We would finish our drink, then smiled at each other. I loved it! That might’ve been the genesis of my love and appreciation for agave spirits.

This is a list of my favorite spots in the city to get the elixir of the gods. Hope you guys enjoy!

Mis Mezcales

Instagram   ·   Coahuila #138, Roma Norte

Opened in 2017 and ran by the always friendly and happy to help Omar Trejo this beautiful mezcal store with over 50 different regional Mexican spirt has now a new mezcal tasting room in a very private and welcoming apartment right upstairs.

The private mezcal tasting here includes 5 different artisanal spirits made by families that Omar knows personally. He will take you through a journey full of agaves, flavors and knowledge.

Mis mezcales has 2 locations, one in Mexico City and the other one in Oaxaca.

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Luis Moya 31, col. Centro (No Instagram)

One of the mezcal pioneers in the city.  Not your regular mezcal bar, the music, the ambiance and mainly the variety of very delicious mezcales and agave spirits from all over the country. Anything you try there is a guarantee. No reservations and it can get a bit crowded over the weekends. 


Petrarca 254, col. Polanco  ·  Instagram

This place is a personal favorite to sip on mezcal on Wednesdays due to its weekly tropical vinyl music night known as Tropicuchi.  

The mezcal selection beautifully curated, menu is full of small yet delicious bites,  like the esquites tamal and the grilled plantain for desert. And even if you’re mezcaled-out the have you covered, with  their great selection of cocktails and wine. The overall experience is incredibly intimate and cozy. Make sure you have a reservation.

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Tlecan Mezcalería

Alvaro Obregon 228, col. Roma Norte  ·  Instagram

Tlecan is located in the heart of one of the busiest and hippest neighborhoods of the city: Roma.

As soon as you arrive the smell of copal incense will hit you in the face. Enter to a cozy, fun, dark and playful spot with good music and great service. You can of course choose one of their amazing mezcales to drink straight up or  if you’re looking for a cocktail with a twist dare to try a Mezcal Negroni or Martini with mezcal. They also happen to have incredible bar food that pairs perfectly with the drinks. No reservations

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Anais’ addition to the list:

Salon de Agave with Megs Miller

Casa Prunes – Chihuahua 78, col. Roma  ·  Instagram

Looking for a full-on agave experience? This tasting room is located inside one of the most gorgeous buildings of the neighborhood and it is completely stocked with agave spirits from all around the country. From raicilla, to bacanora, mezcal, tequila and so much more. Megs will share with you her knowledge and passion that comes from years and years of learning, searching and of course drinking all things agave. Bookings mandatory.

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