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Photo taken by Marcus Yam for Los Angeles Times


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A food tour in Mexico City
Anais Martinez – Photo by Oaxacking


Anais is a Mexico City-based professional eater and culinary tour guide whose days are spent roaming the city streets in search of the best places to eat & drink.

She’s a graduate of one of the most prestigious gastronomy universities in the country Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, where she studied everything from food history to regional cuisine, administration, and food science.

After working for several years in the food industry managing restaurants she moved to the UK and Italy where she studied graphic design and food styling.

She moved back to her hometown in 2012 where she began giving food tours, working as a consultant for restaurants, and blogging about Mexican food and culture at TheCuriousMexican.com

She has collaborated with Eater, NPR, BBC, national TV channel TV Azteca, T-Mobile, Plate Magazine Localeur, Magnificent World , and American Express Essentials.

She has been quoted and written about in Culture Trip, Tasting Table, Food & Wine, Vogue,  Forbes, & Travel + Leisure, Aire Magazine, in addition to collaborating with major global travel agencies and the Mexican Tourism Board.

As a food tour guide in the city for the last nine years, you can trust that she knows the food and it’s history, the cafes and their baristas, the bars and their bartenders, the tacos and the taqueros.

For collaborations please send an email to info@thecuriousmexican.com

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