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What IS The Curious Mexican?

What you see here is the brainchild of Anais Martínez, Mexican culinary rover. After years of working in the food business, started working at a culinary tour company and writing about Mexican Culture. Now it’s a community of food lovers who are in search of the best spots to eat both in Mexico and in the world as well as a food tours and experiences platform full of great eats, drinks and history.


Why taking a food tour? Can’t I just look up places and do my own outing?

Not all tacos are made equally, and we know it!

We have spent hours doing research, trying out foods from street street stalls, fancy restaurants, bakeries, cafés and cool bars in town. Then take our time carefully curating each and everyone of our experiences for you to get the best experience possible and go back home with a full belly, a happy heart, new knowledge and the satisfaction of having supported a lot of small business owners in the city. 


How much are the tours and what’s included? 

Each tour has a different price in USD, and it varies due to the complexity and amount of stops.

This includes all foods, drinks, transport needed & lots of information about the city’s culinary scene, all provided by a local guide in love with food and gastronomy. 

With your fee you are supporting small businesses, young entrepreneurs and lots of market vendors in the city, as well as our continuous research and development of new experiences available.

How do you accept payments? Are there any refunds?

We accept all payments via our secure booking system Peek and through our website Devoured, dedicates solely to food experiences. 
Due to the small-sized groups, we are unable to offer refunds. But if you can’t make it and you let us know in advance, we’d be more than happy  to reschedule your outing. 


What is your policy for no-shows and tardiness?

Things happen! Please contact us if you are running late and we’ll do our best to accommodate you, or let you know where to meet us if we have to start the tour without you. 

If a guest is late to a group tour more than 15 minutes, the tour will start without the guest and they will have to catch up with the guide and accept the loss of time. In the event of a private tour, tardiness in excess of 20 minutes is subject to cancellation without refund nor any recuperation of the tour, we do our best to consider exceptions on a case by case basis. If you booked a group tour and it happened to be you were the only guests on the tour and you are a no-show, the guide will leave after 25 minutes and the tour will be cancelled with no refund. 



Are tours cancelled or rescheduled for any reason? 

We reserve the right to cancel tours or re-schedule them when no guide is available or in extreme cases. I.e. natural disasters, accidents or severe illness. But we will notify you right away for these rare occurrences in which case you will be re-scheduled and/or refunded.

Are you able to plan my upcoming visit to Mexico with a food-oriented itinerary?

We are more than happy to create a full schedule for your trip. Including personalized maps, reservations and local tips to make your visit the most extraordinary foodie haven. Please send an email to info@thecuriousmexican.com so we can start planning!

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