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Good Morning CDMX!

Good Morning CDMX!

On this tour we’ll try some typical Mexican breakfast foods, we’ll traverse the flower market where we’ll learn about food history and culture.

We’ll be surrounded by the colors, smells and sounds that make Mexico such a vibrant country.

(This is a vegetarian friendly tour)

This tour is perfect for those who want to try typical morning treats and/or families and big groups of people.

A morning food tour in Mexico City

What’s included? 

The tour guide with lots of love for Mexico, all foods, drinks & transport needed. A chili workshop could be added for groups of 3 and up. (subject to availability)

Which neighborhood?

We’ll start in Roma neighborhood and we’ll make our way to the flower market where we’ll have great tacos and treats. The tour will finish back at Roma, so you can explore a neighborhood with great galleries and shops.


This tour runs from Monday to Sunday and it starts around 10:00am. We’ll finish approximately 3.5 hours later.

Excited to join?
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You can also send us an email  if the day you’re requesting does not appear as available or if you want to get a custom made experience.

Thanks to the high demand, since July 2019 all tours are booked through my company devoted only to great food experiences: Devoured!

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