Suadero tacos at Merces

Eater, suadero tacos & pyramids

It was almost a year ago when the guys of contacted my boss looking for a person who would be up for an interview about Mexican tacos and she told them about me.

A few days later I had a whole filming crew in my living room asking me all kinds of questions about food, corn and tacos. I then took the whole team to the Merced market to one of my absolute favorite Suadero taco stands in the city called “The 5 brothers”.

Suadero is a really tough meat very similar to what some would call flank steak. The suadero taco is a Mexico City speciality and it even has it’s own specific cooking device called choricera which is a round shaped pot really shallow in the middle and deep on the sides.

This specific kind of taco seems to me like a Mexican version of confit: meat slow-cooked in fat for a long time.  The result could only be a flavorful, juicy and tender deliciousness of a taco.  Needless to say, the guys of Eater (or at least the hostess) were completely happy with both the taco and the fact that we got to see all the technique behind it.

I ended up being a little more involved in the video than what was planned (truth is I a was having a great time so I din’t really mind) and we even went together to Teotihuacan where we got to climb the pyramids and made our way to a tortillería with a corn mill where we got to play with masa and tortillas.

I still find it really weird to see myself in a video but overall it was a great experience and I got to learn a lot from it. Of course now I can say that I am even more jealous of people like Anthony Bourdain who get to do this kind of thing for a living. 

Anyway, here’s the link for the video and some pics of the whole experience, hope you enjoy.




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