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Oaxacking and Oaxacan views.

Oaxacking – Omar in his element

Not that he needs any promotion or even introduction, Omar (a.k.a. Oaxacking) is THE person you want to be with when going to Oaxaca. 


I now dearly call him The unofficial mayor of Oaxaca and I really think that’s not far from the truth, he knows the food and its makers, Mezcal and its brewers, the stories and the people.

I had the chance to spend a  whole day with him last year and here’s how it day went.


We started with the Sunday tianguis at Tlacolula, not only is the place charming and filled with lots of beautiful (and incredibly cheap) handcrafts but there’s also a Pasillo de Humo (smoke isle) where you get to buy your own meats and tortillas to grill them at taste. We also had an amazing broth with handmade tortillas and freshly made juices. 



Once our bellies were full and happy we moved to Hierve el agua, since my travel partner

Michelle and me at Hierve el Agua

and best friend Michelle had never been there before, we tried to get there early to beat the crowds but we did have a pit (beer) stop before climbing down.


Note that if this is your first time going to Oaxaca I strongly recommend you take the time to see this natural beauty, I mean, petrified cascades on the edge of a cliff is not a sight you get everyday. 


We then paid a visit to the Mezcalería Ilegal for a quick Mezcal fix and drove to San Pablo Güilla, a little less known spring where we got to soak our feet before heading to more amazing food. 


La cocina de Frida in Ocotlán is a little stand inside the market’s “food court”. The cook is not only well know for her appearance similar to Frida Kahlo, but for her amazing traditional meals. I can definitely vouch for everything that has been written about it, the food was outstanding! 


Yep, that’s me!


The trip finished back at Oaxaca City with some great cocktails at the really cool bar Sabina Sabe. 

Couldn’t have asked for anything else from that weekend in Oaxaca. The whole experience was specifically catered to us and what we wanted to see and do.

If you’re going to my favorite place in Mexico, you just need to spend one with Omar to fall as deeply in love with Oaxaca as we all are. (please note that Omar has a changing tour schedule and it’s always catered to your different needs. So this specific trip might not be available at all times, but I’m sure you’ll get an amazing experience as well)


Whether you want a historic experience, sightseeing, diving into the world of mezcal and Oaxacan food, take a look at his insta life and be a little bit jealous or just book a tour with him through his beautiful site.



Omar a.k.a. Oaxacking
Thank you Omar and hope to see you (and Oaxaca) soon again!











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