Newish Coffee shops in CDMX

This is a collaborative post with Alvaro, a.k.a. Coffenated Travel a caffeine afficionado, traveler, photographer and all around epicurean.

He’s from Uruguay and we got to know each other trough the vast world of Instagram and have met up for coffee in more than one ocassion.

I’ve been meaning to write about coffee spots in the city for a while, so it became the perfect excuse for us to finally collaborate. With no further adue, here’s the post.

Every year brings me back to Mexico City, my absolute favorite spot on Earth. It’s a pilgrimage of sorts for me – a chance to indulge in endless cups of coffee amidst vibrant cempasúchiles(those beautiful Mexican marigolds) and the spirit of calaveras.

This time, I was on a mission to explore some new coffee joints that have been on my radar through social media. And boy, did I strike gold! I’ve added some fresh favorites to my list alongside the timeless classics of CDMX.

Here are some of the new-ish coffeeshops I’ve tried and a timeless classic you can’t miss.

Café Tormenta

Puebla 90, col. Roma Norte

As a coffee enthusiast who enjoys brewing at home, finding unique spots that offer that extra something can be a bit of a challenge. Enter Tormenta, a street food stand turned coffeeshop – with a turntable and all! – aimed to create a sense of community among locals, while offering top notch espressos with beans sourced from different regions across Mexico. Go early, grab a sit, relax and enjoy a moment alongside Roma neighbors and you might be lucky enough to listen to some records as well (if not too busy).Their apple stuffed croissant took me by storm – no pun intended – and it might be my new favorite pastry in Mexico City second only to Rosetta’s famous guava roll

Totte para todos


Dante 32, Anzures

Perhaps it’s my long-held fascination with Japan or simply the magic that Kento (freshly arrived from Japan two years ago) brings to this charming little coffee spot nestled in Colonia Anzures, either way, this was love at first sip.

From meticulously roasted beans sourced mainly from Veracruz, in a sleek 1kg drum roaster, to crafting delightful espressos and velvety flat whites; there’s an undeniable allure to this place. While you’re there, be sure to try his panqué de elote – a delicious Mexican style sweet corn bread, and if you’re keen on continuing your Japanese-inspired journey, don’t miss the chance to swing by the newly opened Panya Sam, just a few blocks away for some heavenly fluffy pancakes.



Córdoba 223, Roma Norte

If minimalism is your cup of tea – or shall I say cup of coffee – then you might want to check this little coffeeshop in Roma Norte.

They specialize in light roasted beans, so I’d suggest trying their “filtrado” or an espresso to truly enjoy the nuances hidden in these very delicate brews. They also feature options from Sey Coffee, a micro roastery all the way from Brooklyn, NewYork, available for purchase which is pretty unique.

Kiyo Café


Marsella 59-Local B, Juárez

Originally opened in Oaxaca, this chic coffeeshop founded by fashion designers JR Kiyo, finally made its way to trendy Colonia Juárez in Mexico City this year.

Enjoy a pour-over featuring beans from San Juan Lachao – Oaxaca- or explore their array of signature drinks such as their sesame latte, espresso lavanda latte, or the seasonal spiced pumpkin latte. Additionally, they boast delectable brunch offerings, including their newest menu addition: the “Por Fin Roulette” -a croissant filled with egg salad and chives, served with a side of pickled cucumber.

Anais: Perfect for people watching

Mise en Print


Guanajuato 28-b, Roma Norte

Nestled on the same block as the renowned Cariñito Tacos and facing Tizne, two exceptional taquerías, lies this charming coffee spot. It feels like a hidden gem for Gastronomy enthusiasts – and design – and it might not come as a surprise once you learn it’s owned by the same team from the”taquería”across the street.

Inside, discover a compact yet exceptional array of gastronomy books, magazines, and culinary treasures seldom found elsewhere in CDMX – featuring products from Momofuku Goods,Yuzuco, to name a few. And speaking of gems, don’t miss their salted caramel latte with oat milk – a one way ticket to sweet & savory heaven – and their mantou – a version of the Chinese bun served in different ways every week.



Tonalá 36 Bis, Roma Norte

Compay has been around for a while but they found a new home inTonalá 36, Roma Norte this year and it couldn’t be any cuter! On second thought- yes it can- if you consider their beautiful merch and the mugs they pour the coffee in. So beautiful, that Walmart couldn’t resist the urge to plagiarize it. Classic!

Aside from the aesthetics, espressos here are top notch. Ian – barista and co-owner of Compay – will make you feel like his”compadre”, as soon as you walk-in

Curva Café


Artículo 123 – 126, Centro

As much as I love Centro Histórico for street photography, finding good coffee has always been quite a challenge in this area. First there was only Feral Café in San Juan Market – they moved to Independencia 95 Local B- and as of last year there’s also Curva Café; roasting and serving exceptional coffees in this lively and bustling part of the city. Notably, they offer delightful pastries from Ceniza. Just a block away, you’ll find the Museo deArte Popular, which I highly recommend visiting.

Avellaneda Café


Higuera 40-A, La Concepción, Coyoacán

While not new – in fact, they’re celebrating their 13th year! – this coffee haven stands as a classic gem and a must-visit for anyone exploring Mexico City, making a trip to one of my most beloved neighborhoods, Coyoacán, utterly worthwhile.

Offering a coffee bar experience like no other, Avellaneda will caffeinate you in all ways possible. From delicious espressos and flat whites to elaborate cold brew based drinks, sometimes served directly by its owner – barista champion and roaster atCafé con Jiribilla-Carlos De LaTorre. Collaborating with coffee producers primarily from Santa María Yucuhitiin Oaxaca, Avellaneda not only supports these coffee-producing families with fair trade prices but also sparks inspiration among a new wave of baristas, contributing significantly to the evolution of the Mexican coffee scene.

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