Best Breakfast spots in Mexico City

Breakfast is, of you ask me, the most important meal of the day and it also turns out to be the perfect reason to wake up early and discover new spots around Mexico City.

This list round up some of my favorite spots, some classics and some new additions to the early morning culinary scene.

If you don’t find Rosetta, Lardo or Cafe Nin here, that doesn’t mean we don’t love them, just mean we trust you can very easily find those spots on your own.


Expendio de Maíz

Yucatán #84, col. Roma

Think of a Mexican version of an omakase: you sit down and let them know about any food restriction and get ready to see a parade of amazing corn-based dishes made with fresh & seasonal ingredients. Always amazing and surprising dishes and always a traditional mexican beverage makes an appearance (think mezcal, tepache or pulque).

I love it so much it always makes its way to my list of favorites.

Expendio de Maiz

Forte Bread & Coffee

Queretaro 116, col. Roma

Both the Juarez location and the tiny spot in Roma, are filled with incredible pastries and outstanding coffee. Their concha and kouign-aman are to die for.  Also, their avo toast with homemade kimchi is absolutely delicious as well as their famous sticky rice with cacao nibs and homemade yogur and their chilaquiles. 

There’s a really big chance you’ll find me sitting there with my laptop on any given day.

Casa del Fuego

Rio Nazas 50, col. Cuahutemoc · Instagram

A new classic in the Cuahutemoc neighborhood. This is right next to Cucurucho’s roaster, so the smell of coffee will embrace you as you get closer.

Aside from having excellent coffee options, they have a small but amazing menu, that includes the famous dish with tomato stuffed with goat cheese and egg served on a fluffy and buttery brioche slice.

The rest of their toasts and theirs eggs Benedict will also satisfy your brunch thirst.


Zacatecas 173, col. Roma · Instagram

What else could you expect from one of the best chefs in the city but breakfast greatness?

Eduardo García knows his stuff and casual breakfast in the heart of Roma will not be the exception.

Their green chilaquiles topped with egg have the right texture, served with a fresh jugo verde and their classic vanilla concha topped with chocolate ganache are a winning combination for sure.

On a weekend try to beat the crowds by arriving before 10am.

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El Cardenal

Palma 23, col. Centro (but has many other locations) · Instagram

If you’re more in a white table cloth mood this is always a great option. They have most typical Mexican dishes available like enchiladas, huevos rancheros, chilaquiles, enmoladas and all of them are an accurate representation of flavors and presentation.

Be sure to try their conchas with nata (clotted cream) along with some hot chocolate, turn the pastry upside down, slathere some of the creamy goodness and then dip in the chocolate. Can’t go wrong.

Fonda Margarita

Adolfo Prieto 1364, col. Del Valle · Instagram

A couple of musicians in the corner, the smell of wood burning and the taste of their sweet cafe de olla, this is an absolute Mexico City staple.

They start serving food since really early mornings (around 6:30am) and by 10am everything will be totally gone. They have a different selection of stews that change daily and include beef in pasilla chili, pork cracking in green sauce, egg stews and chile relleno.

But the main star here will always be the huevos tirados (dropped eggs), scrambled and then tossed around the pan along with some black refried beans and an incredible amount of their secret ingredient: lard.

An absolutely unmissable experience.

Cafe Trucha

Plaza Rio de Janeiro 53 col. Roma · Instagram

Cute little spot right next to one of the most famous spots in Roma. 

Music is really chill, menu is small but sweet and their pastries are ever changing but always indulging.  

Everything here feels like real comfort food always made with the best and freshest ingredients. Try their chamomile oatmeal, their scones with jam and butter, or their amazing duck eggs with roasted tomatoes and sourdough bread.

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Alvaro Obregon 130, col. Roma · Instagram

Whether you’re looking for a sit down long breakfast or a quick hearty bite to get on with your day, this is always a safe bet.  

Great location, great coffee and incredibly tasty pastries. Try their breakfast sandwich along with a juice and then browse through their incredibly cute shop.

Please do not forget to try their tahini cookie, I promise you won’t regret it.

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Farmacia Internacional Condesa

Nuevo Leon 120, col. Condesa · Instagram

A very new addition to the Condesa neighborhood is this Juarez staple. Farmacia Internacional has arrived to delight us with their always comforting and delicious menu and cozy atmosphere.

Their homemade pop tarts (and all their pastries for that matter) are reason enough to give this spot a try but their egg in a jar served with mash potatoes and a proper amount of butter will make you fall head over heels for this spot.

Tierra Adentro Cocina

Nevado 112, col. Portales · Instagram

This is the absolute best option for a good breakfast or lunch when visiting Coyoacan or the Frida house.

Located in a not-so-touristy neighborhood but full of cozy welcoming atmosphere is this cute corner full of great Mexican recipes from all round the country.

Small menu that keeps changing every season but they always have chilaquiles and entomatadas available, along with some traditional staple dishes.

A personal favorite.

Kuruch Cocina

Mitla 88, col. Narvarte · Instagram

In the very-residential-yet-very-cool Narvarte neighborhood there’s this cute spot with walls full of art and outstanding breakfast called Kuruch.

With great sandwiches, burritos and chilaquiles along with great musical selection and a relaxed atmosphere.

When feeling a bit extra, order the peanut butter, bacon, jam and banana sandwich.

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