What to do Sunday Evenings in Mexico City

Sunday evenings are notorious for being a tricky time to find great food spots in Mexico City. Most restaurants and food businesses tend to shut their doors early, leaving visitors and locals a bit lost and disappointed.

It’s easy to understand why this happens, in Mexico City many people prefer to stay at home on Sunday evenings, spending time with family or winding down after a busy weekend and getting ready for Monday. In general, there’s less demand for dining out than on other days of the week.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to settle for mediocre food just because it’s Sunday evening! There are still plenty of options if you know where to look.

Whether you’re craving something traditional Mexican cuisine or international fare, there are options available throughout the city. So don’t let the limitations discourage you from having an amazing meal.

The list is divided in 3 sections:

  • Restaurants, food joints & bars.
  • Tacos.
  • A few parties as a bonus.

Restaurants, Food joints & Bars


Monterrey 194

One of the places I’ve visited the most since it opened its doors. Totally worth the wait if there happens to be any. The daiquiris are a must, their Thai street food is mind blowing and it¡s all topped off by their incredibly good vinyl music selection.

Cafe de Nadie

Chihuahua 135

An outstanding spot to do some day drinking while listening to beautifully curated vinyl music Get their Tijuanita drink, a clamato base with mezcal and a beer and their french fries!

Esquina Común

Remember this is a reservation-only restaurant so plan your visit ahead of time. Ana and Carlos will receive you in their cozy rooftop with an ever-changing menu, natural wine selection and artisanal mezcales.


Av. Alvaro Obregón · Instagram ·

Whether you want to have a casual 3pm cocktail or you want an 11pm nightcap this is definitely your spot. Also, they happen to be No. 4 in the Top 50 best bars of the world.

Fideo Gordo

Colima 5 · Instagram ·

Noodles, udon, obi udon and sake. Try their noodles with clam and butter or their X’ian style birria!

Cantón Mexicalli

Álvaro Obregón 264. · Instagram ·

Chinese-Mexican food Mexicali style. Portions are perfect to share and their 5 spice chocolate cake for dessert is delicious. Enjoy the champagne style cooler when ordering a 1lt beer bottle.


Iztacihuatl 36D · Instagram ·

Caldos de Gallina Luis

2 locations in Roma Norte · Instagram ·


Av. Alvaro Obregón 228 · Instagram ·

A favorite watering hole for those agave spirit lovers.


Taquería Orinoco

Many locations. · Instagram ·

Perfect tacos for satisfying those late night cravings. Get the costra con chicharrón en harina and have their buñuelos for dessert.

El Vilsito

Petén 248. · Instagram ·

This Narvarte gem is not as far away from the Roma-Condesa area as it seems. Sunday night is the best day to pay this Tacos al Pastor temple a visit.

El Tizoncito

Many Locations · Instagram ·

Even though it’s a big chain, I still like this Al Pastor as it’s one of the few using charcoal for the cooking spit.

Los Cocuyos

Simón Bolivar 59 · Instagram ·

If it was good enough for Anthony Bourdain is good enough for a Sunday evening. Remember this spot is open 24/7

Sunday Partying

Sunday Sunday

· Instagram ·

Different DJ’s weekly and

Lucha libre at Arena México

Dr. Lavista 189 · Instagram ·

No need to pay in advance or book a tour. Show up, walk directly to the ticket office and enjoy the show. For better results: show up after a few drinks and stay until the last fight as that is the best one!

Sungay Brunch

· Instagram ·

Self described as itinerant safe & fun daytime queer community gatherings

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