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5 New-School Taquerias in CDMX


5 New-School Taquerias in CDMX.


In a city that’s always busy and hungry for tacos the options can get overwhelming. So  this time we’ll focus on the new wave of taquerías that are thinking outside of the box and are coming up with menus that defy the norm.

As you’ll see, most of this movement seems to locate in the Roma area with very few exceptions, which make it easy for you to perhaps try them all at once  in a taco-eating spree?  

Either way you want to go through this list, you get all the directions and dish recommendation for each. And if you’re hungry for more come and join us on our evening taco crawl and mezcal tasting experience called Eat Up/Drink Up.




Tizne Tacomotora

Guanajuato 27b, col. Roma

The pioneers in creative & delicious tacos that break the norm. First they opened in Del Valle and now have a second venue in Roma. Same formula as before, all tacos with a delicious smokey flavor, lots of fresh veggies, blue corn tortillas and delicious salsas.

Do try their smoked avocado, slathered on a tortilla and a pinch of salt. 



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Cariñito Tacos 

Guanajuato 53, col. Roma

A tiny spot in Roma, no sitting here, only standing and leaning on a red small bar. All their tacos are made with high-quality pork belly and with original combination of flavors like Korean, Thai and so on.  

They do offer a vegetarian option that’s sometimes even more delicious than the meaty options.

They often have pop-up collaborations with different chefs so keep checking their instagram.




Tacos Orinoco

Yucatan 3, col. Hipodromo

A new classic. Arrived from Monterrey but have become a staple for Mexico City dwellers. Their (very) small and simple menu with northern style tacos are one of the best after hours options in town. 

Please do get the potatoes with a little bit of Tzatziki and red salsa on top, and the most amazingly delicious taco that’s part of their secret menu: Costra de chicharrón en harina con todo. Just go ahead and repeat that phrase you’ll thank us later. 

Also, get their buñuelos, an amazing dessert that’s a crunchy bite, some dulce de leche and pecans on top and a scoop of banana ice cream. A dream come true.


Taquería Gabriel

Rio Sena 87 local A, col. Cuauhtemoc

Here you can select your type of vessel, either a corn tortilla, flour or tostada. Then the type of protein, suadero, tripa, asada, suckling pig, shrimp, or even mushrooms. Lastly choose whether or not you want a cheesy bite. 

Also try their housemade bag of tortilla chips with a spicy seasoning. 



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Tacos Lindavista

Guadalajara 61-A, col. Roma

From the creators of the Juarez neighborhood restaurant Lucio and the Lindavista brewery, comes this tiny taquería in the condesa area. Northern style tacos, mulitas (cheese filled deliciousness) and the classic asada. Top your tacos with some beans and enjoy their meatless Monday tacos with an ice cold beer. 



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Pollo Bruto 

Aguascalientes 93, col. Roma

A corner stand with world class grilled chicken. Again, with a simple menu but delicious items.

Get the orangade, with a salt rim and perfect size. Get their sumptuous guacamole creamy and served with corn kernels and then try out their different salsas with different levels of spice.

Aside from being able to get delicious tacos, you could also order their burritos wrapped in a soft flour tortilla. 





Crazy about fall types of tacos? Want to discover more about Mexico City’s culinary scene and amazing street foods off the beaten path by the hand of a  really cool local in love with the city?

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