Favorite Spots 2023

It was incredibly hard to round up my list of what I consider the best spots in Mexico City to eat, drink and shop this year. I don’t know if you’d agree with me but I feel like this years all things picked up at a way faster pace than ever.

And it’s been real hard to keep up with all the restaurant openings during the second half of the year but I promised you I’ve tried really hard just so I can report to you. (yeah, first world problems, I know).

I’d like to remind you that this list is meant to complement other amazing ones such as Eater’s 38 Essential Restaurants and many others from big outlets you can easily find on your own.

Again, if you feel the need for a professional taco eater to hold your hand and show you around, please head down to my website dedicated only to food experiences: Devoured! Each and every person that works there is not only involved in the food business somehow but they live their lives around food.

My series of experiences called MEET THE HOOD, is till going on! So every 2 months we head down to a different neighborhood just to show people there’s life outside Roma-Condesa-Polanco so please check it out.

And as usual, there is an extra section added to the list. You’ll now find a brief list of shops where you can find Mexican cooking utensils as well as ingredients right at the bottom of the page.

**Al addresses and locations are in the map found at the bottom of the page.**
**Click on the star to automatically download it to your phone.**

What you’ll find in this this:

  • Casual & Very Casual Eating
  • Non-Mexican Spots
  • Tacos & Street Food
  • Coffee & Breakfast
  • Wine, cocktails & beer
  • Shops and stores

Casual & Very Casual Eating

  • Fugaz: Basically favorite finding of the whole year. Really cute and unassuming spot, small menu, perfectly curated with interesting yet simple and delicious dishes full of seasonal veggies and fresh fish. To make it simple they have carta blanca beer, mezcal and couple of desserts. The menu of my dreams. (Instagram).
  • Expendio de Maíz sin Nombre: Still at the head of my list, the ultimate Mexican Omakase, sit down, let them know food restrictions and be surprised by each dish that comes out of their beautiful, open kitchen. Remember they only take cash. (Instagram)
  • Coyota: Located in a cute little park in the Santa Maria la Ribera neighborhood. Chef and owners are really into research and gastronomic anthropology so their menu is always full of interesting techniques, ingredients and ideas. New dishes are put out every week to keep you interested as well as different traditional beverages from all over the country. Remember they don’t speak any other language than Spanish so whip out the google translate. (Instagram)
  • Siembra Tortilleria: Their recently renewed space, cool, gorgeous and relaxed in Polanco has some of the best corn in town. Talk to the chefs and enjoy their passion for corn and fresh, seasonal ingredients. (Instagram)
Boca del Rio
  • Boca del Río: A time machine hidden in the San Rafael neighborhood specializing in seafood, specially oysters. Food is Veracruz style, so expect lots of tomato and tons of stews. No instagram.
  • Ticuchi: Where Pujol used to be a few years ago, we now find its extra casual little sister. With a menu mostly inspired in Oaxaca an its ingredients, Ticuchi is a perfect spot for amazing drinks, mezcal and small plates. They host a weekly tropical music night.(Instagram)
  • Itacate del Mar: From the same mind behind the always incredible Contramar, comes this hidden gem in the Historic Centre. Itacate del Mar, along with its sister Caracol, offer one of the best breakfasts in the area, an unsurprisingly good seafood menu full of tostadas and other traditional dishes as well as an incredible drink menu with only Mexican Handcrafted spirits  and small batch mezcales. (Instagram)
  • El Tigre Silencioso: The new cool kid on the Colima Street in the heart of Roma. A mansion turned into a cantina with great food, wines and vermouths with a very chill vibe and cool music. Do try their brioche with the smoked trout and roe. (Instragram)
  • Paradero Conocido: Sofia, previously known for the amazing food of now extinct Sin Nombre restaurant has opened a new venue with equally delicious and creative dishes. Perfect for a delicious quick meal after a day of exploring the Centro Historico. (Instagram)
Flauta at Comal Oculto
  • Comal Oculto: San Miguel Chapultepec may be know for the crazy amount of galeries around and the famous Barragan house, but should also be known for the biggest flautas ahogadas that I’ve ever tried. Courtesy of Comal Oculto. Great corn, great salsas, only 3 tables. Delicious! (Instagram)
  • Tierra Adentro Cocina: This amazing spot is open for breakfast and lunch. Their food is inspired in traditional Mexican recipes from all over the country, presented in a beautiful, fancy and elevated way but without losing its soul. The cute little spot is located in the Portales neighborhood, which makes it a perfect stop when you’re on your way to Frida Kahlo’s museum or the southern part of the city in general. (Instagram)

Non-Mexican spots

Disclaimer: I would strongly encourage you to try out Mexican food spots during your first and even second trip to the city.
If you already live here or it’s your third visit then go ahead and enjoy this part of the list.
  • Choza: Still the place I visit the most in my free time. This hidden rooftop eatery is Chef Tyler’s playground, where he gets to show off his wicked culinary skills (mostly inspired in Thai and Asian street food) with local, seasonal ingredients. Add an original Daiquiri machine brought all the way from New Orleans, an exquisite vinyl record collection, an extremely sophisticated high fidelity sound system and with a rowdy but good-natured crowd to result in the place you’ll never get tired of. (Be aware that there might be a really long waiting time on weekends and there are no reservations) (Instagram)
  • Makan: Maybe the last type of cuisine you would think of when coming to Mexico City is Singaporean but boy oh boy you’d be so mistaken if you didn’t pay a visit to Mario and Maryann when in town. Reservations are highly encouraged. (Instagram)
  • Esquina Común: This reservation only, secret rooftop in Condesa, available on weekends is the lovechild of Ana Dolores and Carlos Perez. Their inspiration comes from Spanish, Peruvian and Mexican cuisine combined beautifully into a menu that makes you feel like you are eating at a friend’s home. All of it paired with Natural wines at a very reasonable price and the most amazingly kind service. (Instagram)

Tacos & Street Food

  • Tacos “El Betín”: This year I’m giving away my favorite and best kept secret. This little taqueria on a corner os San Rafael neighborhood has been a place I exclusively take my favorite people to. Their taco de tripa and their suadero are just to die for, and the pastor is also quite special. There is absolutely nothing that can be improved in this place, my absolute favorite. Get one pastor, one suadero, one tripa. 
  • Esquites Rules: One of the most popular evening snacks are esquites: corn kernels cooked with herbs, sometimes boiled others grilled and toped with lime juice, mayonnaise, cheese and chili powder. This particular spot adds an extra layer of flavor with their amazing salsa macha (chili oil with roasted peanuts, garlic and seeds) and your choice of protein like suadero (flank steak) and bone marrow (Instagram)
  • Mixiote Tacos: Been there since 1986 and still going strong. This street stand is only open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and and it’s a must when visiting Juarez neighborhood.  Mixiotes are sheep meat seasoned with a mix of spices, avocado and bay leaf, cinnamon among others then steamed inside parchment paper sachets. Tacos are served on a couple of warm tortillas and you can (and should) top them with pineapple, nopales, lime, salt and the salsa of your choice.  
  • Cariñito Tacos: This is part of the new trend of giving a pretty innovative twist to the classic Tacos. Here the star is pork belly, mixed with amazing asian flavors, top notch ingredients and a cute standing-only area. (Also included in the New-School Taquerias list). (Instagram)
  • El auténtico Pato Manila: Under a beautiful mansion hides this fusion pecking duck taco spot. Very simple menu including tacos, tortas, wonton and a broth. (Instagram)
  • El Califa del León: This taco institution can be very easily missed among the leggings vendors and the multiple nail artists. But if you follow your nose you’ll get to the most amazing beef tacos around. Get the gaonera, the most tender part of the beef, cooked with a bit of lime juice and a pinch of salt, served on a thick, freshly made tortilla. Top with both salsas (as instructed by the cooks) and enjoy! (Please do not confuse this with the awful Califa chain. It has absolutely nothing to do with this amazing taco place).
  • Birria El Compita: A street stand but make it hipster. Birria Tijuana style served with a spoonful of warm beans just like in the northern state. Also, if you’re looking for quesabirria this is definitely your spot! Crispy, rich and delicious. (Instagram)

Coffee & Breakfast

  • Quentin Miscelánea: The exact thing that Juarez neighborhood needed. A casual spot in which you could hang out practically all day. Arrive early to indulge in their great coffee and pastries and hang a little longer with a glass of natural wine and a small beetroot and goat cheese platter. (Instagram)
  • Fuzz & Brew: Vinyl music, amazing sound system, incredible interiors, complete dedication to every single cup of coffee and in the up and coming neighborhood in town: San Rafael. Try one of their cocktails made with cold brew. (Instagram)
  • Forte Bread & Coffee: Great place for Mexican coffee and some of the most delicious pastries I’ve had in the city. Ask for their concha and the tascalate, a cacao & corn based drink from Chiapas mixed with cold brew. They also have incredible pizza and an amazing selection of natural wines to drink with. (Instagram)
  • Cafe Trucha: If you happen to be in Coyoacan neighborhood, you must try this amazing little spot. With some of the best baristas in town and international acclaimed amazing roasters, this is the perfect place to satisfy your caffeine needs. Their cold brew based drinks are also unmissable.  (Instagram)
Casa del Fuego
  • Casa del Fuego: Located in Cuauhtemoc neighborhood not only do they have their roasted and coffee shop called Cucurucho, but they also play with amazing breakfast foods in their spot next door. Their tomato stuffed with goat cheese and egg is out of this world. And their sandwiches are perfect for an easy Sunday morning. (Instagram)
  • Farmacia Internacional Condesa: My favorite all-day-breakfast spot has now arrived in a gorgeous corner at Condesa. Their egg in a jar is everything you’s want for an indulgent breakfast and their homemade pop tart is outstanding. Pair with one of their natural wines for better results or even a mimosa. (Instagram)
  • Benigna Café: Another San Rafael gem with the chillest vibe and the best music. Perfect for long get-togethers and solo vermouth drinking sessions. Stay tunes to their social media as they have creative pop-ups during the weekends. (Instagram)

Ice cream & Sweets

  • La Especial de Paris: One of the oldest ice cream parlors in the city. With a killer tobacco ice cream and a float called double ginger shot with ginger ice cream served on a ginger ale. De-li-cious. (No instragram of course)
  • Joe Gelato:  Not a week goes by without me stepping into this small place in Juarez to be surprised (yet again) by Joe’s amazing gelato flavors. Savory and herbal options are always available but their olive oil gelato and water-based cacao are unmissable.  (Instagram)
  • Chocolatería La Rifa: If you want to try cacao based drinks this is definitely your spot. Perfectly frothy drinks whether mixed with water or milk are being poured all day long. You could also try any of their chocolate bars, all 70% of cacao and made with Mexican beans from small producers mostly from the state of Chiapas. Easily my favorite project in the whole city.  (Instagram)
  • Dulcería de Celaya: A complete time machine. This little spot sells traditional Mexican most of it are made in-house so you’ll get the freshest of the fresh. Their lagrimitas are little, colorful explosions of flavors. Try their jamoncillo, a pumpkin seed based candy. 
La Florida
  • Marigold: If not for the incredibly amazing food, step into this corner of the San Miguel Chapultepec neighborhood for the donuts. The old fashioned with a passion fruit glazing is by far my favorite. (Instagram)
  • La Florida: A very very old-school spot in Santa Maria la Ribera with some of the desserts that most Mexican grandmas would serve at the end of any meal. The star here is the beautiful cup of fresh chopped strawberries with a mix of crema and sugar but every single thing is as delicious as indulgent. (No Instagram)

Wine, Cocktails & Beer

Cafe de Nadie
  • Cafe de Nadie: A listening bar with some of the best quality sound you’ll find in the city, along with amazing cocktails and the most delicious menu curated by the Maximo Bistrot group. They always have a guest DJ’s during weekends, their dry martini is on point and they just came up with an amazing beetroot margarita that’s called Mexican Curious and you just have to try it!(Instagram)
  • Oropel: One of my absolute favorite spots this year. A cosy little spot in Roma, great vermouth, amazing wine selection, good music, simple and small bites and overall a very cool vibe. Sit at the bar and hang out. Only open Tue-Sat.  (Instagram)
  • Escorpio: If there is natural wine mecca in the city this has to be it. Bottles from all over the world and at all different price ranges. Whether you like to sip on incredibly funky wines or not, there is a bottle for you here. They also have a fridge to keep libations at perfect temperature and ready to go. Keep an eye on them as they sometime have Meet the brewer sessions and different tastings. (included in my list of wine places you can check out here(Instagram)
  • Bósforo: A Mexico City staple in Centro Historico and still the best place to try different agave product from all over the country. Arrive early as it tends to be packed during the weekends. Their grasshopper quesadilla is to die for. Absolutely no pictures allowed and of course no Instagram. (Also included in my list of Best places to drink mezcal)
  • Cantina El Mirador: A very old-school cantina right next to the Chapultepec park. Every single dish is a hit but the suadero tacos are amazing as well as their desserts. Get a “Bandera” which means getting 3 shot glasses one with Tequila, one with a red-tinted fruit juice and one with lime juice. Sip alliteratively (The name comes from the color of the Mexican flag).
Cantina el Mirador
  • Tlecan Mezcaleria: If you’re looking for an amazing Mezcal selection, great spirits like sotol and raicilla, traditional drinks like pulque and incredible cocktails along with a great atmosphere that’s somewhere between a bar and a club, this is definitely your spot. This place is also included in our “Where to find mezcal” list.
  • Meroma: This should already be on everyone’s list as one of the best restaurants in town. BUT they should also be known for their amazing wine and mezcal selection and more importantly their incredibly delicious Bloody Mary with mezcal, best enjoyed when sitting at the downstairs bar.  (Instagram)
  • Brutal Vinata de Barrio: Quite a new and beautiful space in th emiddle onf San Miguel Chapultepec with a very neighborhoody feel and incredibly good wine selection. (Instagram)

Shops and Stores

  • Mis Mezcales: If there is natural wine mecca in the city this has to be it. Bottles from all over the world and at all different price ranges. Whether you like to sip on incredibly funky wines or not, there is a bottle for you here. They also have a fridge to keep your drink at perfect temperature and ready to go. Keep an eye on them as they sometime have Meet the brewer sessions and offer different tastings.  (Instagram)
  • Tienda Comala: Little store at the front of Campo Baja restaurant with preserves, jams, pickles and wines. If you can make it to Oaxaca this is your best option to get some of Suculentas products in Mexico City. (Instagram)
  • Expendio Doméstico: From egg holders, hand blown glasses and traditional pottery to incense, utensils, candles and beautiful fabric napkins. This beautifully curated shop can keep you entertained for hours on end. (Instagram)
  • Super Cope: Also in San Miguel Chapultepec. Here you’ll be able to find great food items from different projects with a keen interest in sustainability, traceability, social and environmental causes, that also happen to be delicious. Cheese, chocolate, mezcal and fresh veggies. (Instagram)
  • Utilitario Mexicano: My go-to when it comes to all old-school Mexican kitchenware items. Aprons, skillets, tortilla holders, mezcal shot glasses, soap bars, aprons and books. You name it, they’ve got it. (Instagram)https://www.instagram.com/utilitariomexicano/.

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And that’s all for the year. Please do let me know what you think if you visit any of these spots.

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