Wine bars in Mexico City

Where to get amazing wine in Mexico City.

Finally wine bars are making their way to CDMX. Whether you’re into the funkiness of the unadulterated wines or you’re more into a more conventional style you’ll be happy to know we now have lots of amazing options around the city where you can eat, sip and enjoy.

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Iztacihuatl 52, col. Condesa

The newest addition to the wine-loving scene with an unbeatable location, stunning open-kitchen, sleek uniforms, creative menu with Mexican hints here and there, and a solid wine list. Also, ask for Romina, she’s my favorite wine connoisseur in the city, so hospitable and always with the best recommendations to suit the mood and taste.


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Loup Bar

Tonalá 23, col. Roma

Let’s start with the classics. Since 2019 Loup has been one of the main stops for those looking for amazing natural wine and delicious french-inspired and small sized bites. With a menu that offers both imported and national bottles friendly for all budgets, this place is perfect for a candle-lit and private first date or for a very lively get-together with friends.

Le Tachinomi Desu

Rio Panuco 132-1 A, col. Cuauhtemoc

Another classic one, a stand up bar that’s part of the Kobayashi group, who’ve been bringing some of the best Japanese inspired restaurants to the scene.

Aside from having an vast selection of mostly natural wine, they offer amazing sakes, Japanese whiskies and some local craft beer.  Coming to Tachi, is definitely one of the best ways to spend a Monday evening since it might be one of the very few places that’s open.


Jalapa 181, col. Roma

Whether you are a newbie when it comes to wine or you are an expert connoisseur, this lovely spot in Roma is perfect. Their service is friendly, accommodating and very informative, but without ever being snobby nor pretentious. It’s a perfect spot if you want to get some wine and take it home, or if you want to stay and enjoy one of their perfectly paired small dishes.  They specialize in champagne so do try one (or two) of them and dare to pair it with their amazing pecan pie with lavender cream.

Hugo El Wine Bar

Veracruz 38, col. Roma Norte

The new cool kid in town. Hugo’s selection of only-Natural and biodynamic wines is petite but solid and their small and incredibly delicious plates are reason enough to keep coming back. From fish and fried calamari to citrusy salads, roasted chicken and their of course their fantastic bread. The place most likely will be crowded so try to arrive early to get a table fast.


Chihuahua 182 col. Roma

One of my definite favorite spots in the whole city to have a wine and a chill talk (that might turn into an extra fun night). They have a great selection of natural wines and vermut with a very fun vibe and atmosphere. It’s like drinking in the streets but definitely not as you’re surrounded by extra cool peeps and appetizers directly from a can. (Also, this made it to my favorite spots of 2023)

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Atlixco 132 col. Condesa

I’d say the fanciest of them all. A bit on the expensive side, with a few dishes perfectly paired with wine and a vast menu that not only includes great wines, but agave spirits and classic cocktails. Arrive early and book in advance as it tends to fill up at night giving clubby vibes all around. 

Del Suelo

Emilio Donde 7 col. Centro

Located in a gorgeous building in a not-so-explored area of the city. Few small plates that perfectly combine Mexican flavors with a modern twist. Ideal for a friends catch up or an intimate date. Talk to the waiters for the optimal wine recs.

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Orizaba 39, col. Roma Norte

If you’re in the mood for something with an Italian flare this is definitely your spot. Even though Bottega is located in the heart of Roma, it will instantly transport you to the European country. The food selection includes burrata, mortadella, panini, prosciutto and even porchetta. Keep in mind that if you want to be inside you’ll find yourself in a standing bar.

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Amsterdam 26, col. Condesa

One of the most important Natural Wine suppliers in Mexico decided to finally open a shop in Mexico City. Rimessa is a cool little shop with bottles from all around the world an a small selection of Mexican options.

Stay tuned to their socials since they have tons of tastings and pop-ups with different chefs.

Vinos Chidos

Polanco 8, col. Polanco

What started as an online store with super-fast delivery now has 2 locations in the city. Whether you are in Polanco, Condesa or in front of your computer, you can choose from the wide selection of wines Vinos Chidos has to offer. Incredibly affordable and interesting, imported and national, biodynamic, natural and traditional wines you name it, they’ve got it. ProTip: if you want to get a little discount you can use the code ANAIS at checkout.



Versalles 96, col. Juárez

Right in the neighborhood where Natural Wine is the preferred choice, this cute shop was born. Rosé, Pet-nat, orange, red or white, with over 50 different bottles from countries like New Zealand, Italy, South Africa and of course Mexico, this is the right place to stop when you want to impress someone with a special wine (even if that someone is yourself).

They also have a fridge to keep a few of the higher rotation bottles ready to drink!

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